For many who hear the term, Global Governance , or One World Order they shake their heads and complain about conspiracy theories. Actually, it is a Conspiracy Theory, and it’s the United Nations and a group of Eliterati who have been planning it for decades.

The irony is you can find evidence of it all on their websites sharing who is behind it and what their agenda is. I personally think it a form of terrorism, slowly working behind the scenes to pull our Constitution out from under us.

The concept is to take care of the worlds needy and level the playing field by creating a chaotic scenario, like Global Warming/Climate Change, and slowly bring countries like the United States to their knees by funneling money out of the US into the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank .

Check out some of the organizations working behind the scenes and who is involved with them;

The Bretton Woods Committee

The Trilateral Commission

These are just a few and I’ll be adding to this as I work on my blog. The truth is that we are nearing a point where it will be difficult if not impossible to return America to it’s roots.

Get involved, write your local paper, write your members in congress, make phone calls, e-mails, twitter, just don’t wait until it’s too late!